Opportunity Sites

Notice of Development Opportunity: RFQ/P - Metro Walk Phase II at Richmond, CA Multi-Modal Transit Station (BART, Amtrak & AC Transit) 

The City of Richmond is seeking a qualified infill development team to design and construct high-density mixed-use communities serving residential and commercial uses on parcels currently located east of the Richmond Multi-Modal Transit Station. The parcels contained in this RFQ/P allow for a variety of uses that can restore Downtown Richmond to its historic role as a social, cultural, and civic destination. Residential, high-density housing must be incorporated into these sites. Ideal housing will have thoughtful design, serve a broad spectrum of incomes, and maximize the number of units that can best serve the community and remain consistent with the neighborhood’s vision.

The site is located on 5.8 total acres adjacent to Richmond Multi-Modal Transit Station (BART, Amtrak & AC Transit). Currently, the site is composed of vacant parcels (lot sizes and an aerial view are available in the RFQ/P). 

Key Dates

City staff members will host two pre-proposal meetings to address questions and provide an overview of the Development Site.

RSVP's are highly encouraged - room capacity: approximately 15
Phone: Shane Johnson, (510) 620-6512   Email: Opportunitysites@ci.richmond.ca.us

Pre-Proposal Meeting #1- Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 9:30 AM (PDT)
Pre-Proposal Meeting #2- Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 2:30 PM (PDT)

Meeting Location: City Hall, City Manager’s Conference Room
                              450 Civic Center Plaza (Third Floor) Richmond, California 94804

The deadline for submissions is April 17, 2018 at 1:00 PM (PDT).
Questions regarding this Request for Qualifications and Proposals must be submitted via email to Opportunitysites@ci.richmond.ca.us, or by phone to Shane Johnson (510) 620-6512.

Site: Metro Walk Phase II at Richmond Multi-Modal Transit Station (BART, Amtrak, & AC Transit) 

Site Address: Barrett Ave & 17th Ave, Barrett Ave & 18th St, 1825 Nevin Ave, 1817 Nevin Ave, 1809 Nevin Ave, 1805 Nevin Ave, 418 18th St, 422 18th St, 428 18th St, 19th St Nevin Ave and 19th St

Assessor Parcel Number (APN): 514-050-005, 514-050-010, 514-140-012, 514-140-013, 514-140-
014, 514-140-015, 514-140-016, 514-140-017, 514-140-018, 514-140-027

Area: 5.8 acres (1.55, .12, .1, .12, .12, .1, .1, .13, .34, 3.1)

Zoning: CM-5 (IS-1 Overlay, Livable Corridors FBC, T5N, T5MS-O)

Site Description: This project site is comprised of eight vacant parcels east of Richmond Transit Station. These parcels are surrounded by residential uses. Neighbors include Richmond Multi-Modal Transit Station (BART and Amtrak service) and Metro Walk Phase I developments. Community based plan calls for mixed use development, a plaza, and 10,750 feet of retail space. Developers may attend a pre-proposal meeting in order to ask questions and receive additional information.