Library Cards

Notices are not  mailed in print format 
Richmond Public Library Card

Previously, the Library sent, via the US postal service, notices to library users regarding overdue and reserved items.  By switching to email notification, the library will save paper, money and staff time.  The RPL switch to email campaign will include a verbal script with each patron interaction, flyers, and posters.  There are several options for those patrons without email: calling one of three library locations, visiting the RPL website, and using the library’s computers to get a free email.  For those at the very beginning stages of computer usage, we recommend contacting LEAP (Literacy for Every Adult Project) for computer classes at 307-8084.  Share your email today and help make Richmond a greener city!

For more information, call or visit us at one of three Richmond Public Library locations:
Main Branch, 324 Civic Center Plaza, 510-620-6561
Bayview Branch, 5100 Hartnett Ave, 510-620-6566
West Side Branch, 135 Washington, 510-620-6567

La Biblioteca Pública de Richmond (RPL) No Enviará Avisos Por Correo

En interés del medio ambiente, la Biblioteca Pública de Richmond ya no enviará avisos por correo a partir 30 de septiembre, 2013. Anteriormente, la Biblioteca ha enviado avisos por correo para notificar a los usuarios cuando tenian materias atrasados ??o cuando han llegado materiales reservados para ellos. Al cambiar a la notificación por correo electrónico, la biblioteca ahorrará papel, dinero y mano de obra. Esta campaña incluirá hablar con usuarios de la biblioteca, anuncios y carteles. Hay varias opciones para los clientes sin email: se puede llamar a la biblioteca, visitar nuestro sitio de internet: y utilizar las computadoras de la biblioteca para obtener un correo electrónico gratuito. Para las personas que están empezando a usar las computadoras, se recomienda ponerse en contacto con LEAP (Alfabetización para Todos) para clases de informática en 510-307-8084. Por favor, registre su dirección de correo electrónico en la biblioteca y asi ayudar a Richmond a ser una ciudad más ecológica!

Para más información, favor de llamar o visitar una sucursal de la Biblioteca:

Main Branch (Biblioteca Central), 324 Civic Center Plaza, 510-620-6561
Bayview Branch, 5100 Hartnett Ave, 510-620-6566
West Branch Side, 135 Washington, 510-620-6567

Obtaining and Using Your Library Card

Your library card can be used at the Main Library, Bayview Branch, West Side Branch, or the Bookmobile. You can also obtain a library card at these locations. You must bring your card to the library to borrow materials. If you do not have your card with you, identification must be presented in order to checkout your materials without your library card.

Guidelines for Issued Cards

  • Your original card is free, but there is a $1 replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged cards.
  • If you change your name or address, please notify the library immediately or login to your account, and make the changes online.
  • Library cards expire in two years after being issued.

Register for a Richmond Public Library Card

Identification Requirements

In order to obtain a library card, you must provide us with one of the following identification requirements.

Adult Library Patrons

  • Current California driver's license with current name and address
  • Current California identification card
  • Current out-of-state driver's license with current name plus acceptable proof of your current California address
  • Mail postmarked within the last 30 days
  • Utility bill dated within the last 30 days (must include your current address)
  • Printed checks with your current address
  • DMV change-of-address printout issued within the last 30 days
  • Temporary driver's license
  • Rent receipt or rental agreement dated within the last 30 days
  • Post card from Richmond Public Library postmarked within the last 30 days 

Acceptable forms of Identification for Minors 13 and over

Any acceptable form of identification as listed above for adults or:

  • Report card listing current name and address
  • Parent in attendance with acceptable form of identification
  • School ID
  • Bus Pass with picture

Acceptable forms of Identification for Children 12 and under:

  • A parent in attendance with acceptable identification

Children 12 and under obtaining a library card

Excluding special circumstances, a child must be able to print their first name.  A child may receive a library card during a school field trip to the Library or Bookmobile.  Teachers submit library card applications signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian and verify addresses prior to the field trip.


Expired Library Cards

Library cards expire at the end of two years.  When your card expires, you will be asked to fill out a new application and show acceptable identification.  Your record will be updated and your borrowing privileges will be extended for two years.  There is no charge unless you have lost your library card. 

Fines, Fees and Other Charges

Overdue Fines

Materials checked out on adult library cards, except DVDs and videos $0.20 per day.
Materials checked out on children’s library cards, except DVDs and videos. $0.10 per day.
All DVDs and videos are $1.00 per day.
Link + materials $1.00 per day.


Adult Guest Card to use the public PC is Free
Replacement library card $1.00.
Print charge for printing from the public PCs $ .10 per page for black and white prints,                 $0.40 for color prints.

Other Charges

Processing charge for lost or damaged books, videos, CDs, DVDs and cassettes is $10.00         per item.
Processing charge for lost or damaged magazines is $ 2.50 per item.
Replacement charge for lost or damaged books, videos, DVDs, CDs, cassettes and                   magazines. Charged the list price of the item.
Replacement charge for lost or damaged Link + materials $115.00 per item.